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Conflict Engagement Systems Design

Sound Options Group, LLC is committed to supporting individuals, organizations, and communities to change their relationship to conflict.  For us this means:

  • Seeing conflict as something to be engaged with curiosity and respect and not judgment and fear.
  • Implementing a tiered system of resources across the community or organization that supports the healthy and effective engagement of conflict.
  • Providing a robust and ongoing range of professional development in support of building individual and organizational confidence and competence for engaging conflict.

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Multi-Tiered System

Adopting as our framework a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) familiar to educators, Sound Options Group will support you to implement a robust system in support of healthy conflict engagement and specific to your context and culture.

Tier One

In Service of Self

Skills and strategies explored at Tier 1 focus on an individual’s relationship to conflict.  The concepts, processes, and skills taught are applicable within a range of contexts and are applied on a daily basis in the context of collaboration and in pursuit of shared purpose.  We consider these to be essential life skills.

Tier Two

In Service of Others

Tier 2 is designed to support those committed to pursuing a deeper understanding of key concepts, processes, and skills taught in Tier 1. It offers more in-depth learning for individuals within an organization or community who may be called upon to support others to effectively navigate the challenges of conflict. Tier 2 is built upon the model of “The Third Side” introduced by William Ury and focuses on the roles of Conflict Coach, Facilitator, and Teacher.

Tier Three

Building and Sustaining External Resources

In our MTSS Framework, the resources offered at Tier 3 are very much determined by the context in which the framework is being implemented.  Under IDEA we see Mediation, IEP Facilitation, Complaint Investigation, and Due Process Hearings as Tier 3 interventions.  We offer ongoing professional development for those working at this level.