An alternative approach to engaging conflict

Unresolved conflict tears at the fiber of organizations, teams and relationships. The costs can be staggering: lost productivity, legal fees, and broken trust.

Mediation offers a different solution. It can help you transform conflict into an opportunity for growth and reconciliation. Mediation provides a forum in which we can engage the substantive, relational, and systemic aspects of a dispute.

We have extensive experience with workplace/organizational mediation. We also work with state agencies to provide Special Education Mediation mediation.

Special Education Mediation

Working collaboratively to develop specially designed instruction can be challenging. Disagreements can occur while negotiating for the educational needs of a student. Our goal is to help you find innovative solutions to these disagreements.

During mediation, we will:

  • Ensure that all participants have the opportunity to share their view of the situation
  • Facilitate a conversation about the core issues causing the dispute.
  • Help participants develop solutions that are best for the children involved

Contact Mindy — 800.692.2540 or mindyh(at) about Special Education Mediation. We can help you with a single mediation or explore an ongoing relationship.

We serve as Senior Consultant to the Consortium for the Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education.

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Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation enables you to resolve conflict in your organization without costly legal fees, lost productivity, and a demoralized workforce. These are only a few of the reasons it is preferable to engage conflict collaboratively, instead of more costly processes.

During the mediation we ensure all parties have the opportunity to share their view of the issues and facilitate a conversation that leads to a mutually acceptable solution.

We work with:

  • Individuals
  • Groups, teams or departments
  • Labor and management

Contact us today about workplace mediation.

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