Case Studies

Our #1 goal is to help our clients successfully engage conflict. The following case studies explain how we helped some of our clients.

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Collective bargaining — suburban school district

A suburban school district and the teacher’s union had spent two years trying to negotiate a successful contract, but no satisfactory agreement could be reached. A strike seemed imminent.

We were hired to help move the conversation beyond the impasse by developing new skills and strategies with which to negotiate. The following year a successful contract was negotiated and ratified in record time.

Discover how we helped the school district and teacher’s union resume productive negotiations

Workplace disputes — U.S. Navy

We worked with the U.S. Navy to save time, money and resources by improving their system for handling workplace disputes. We brought a fresh approach to their dispute resolution strategies that resulted in dramatic results.

See the specific results of our work with the U.S. Navy

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