Personal and Organizational Development

In the final analysis, change sticks when it becomes ‘the way we do things around here,’ when it seeps into the bloodstream of the corporate body. Until new behaviors are rooted in social norms and shared values, they are subject to degradation as soon as the pressure for change is removed. John Kotter

Preparing leaders and organizations to proactively engage conflict

Effectively engaging conflict often requires new insights, skills and strategies. Personal & organizational development builds individual and organizational capacity to engage the complexity of conflict and change.

We will equip you with specific skills and strategies so you can solve problems before they cause lasting damage.


We offer personal and professional development on topics like conflict management and team building. You can also ask us to create a custom course for your specific needs. Learn more about our training courses.


We regularly work with teams and individuals to help them develop skills in leadership, change management, and much more. Learn more about coaching.

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