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Unresolved conflict tears at the fiber of organizations, teams, and relationships.  The costs can be considerable: lost productivity, legal fees, and broken trust.  Mediation offers a different solution.  It can help you transform conflict into an opportunity for new learning, growth, and reconciliation.  Mediation provides a forum in which:

  • The focus is on creating a future that works for the participants.
  • Parties can engage the substantive, relational, and systemic aspects of a dispute.  
  • The Mediator is responsible for facilitating the conversation, the parties are responsible for deciding the outcome.
  • Confidentiality is the rule that supports a candid and open exploration of resolution options.

Sound Options Group Offers Mediation in The Following Contexts.

Workplace Mediation

 Workplace mediation enables you to engage conflict in your work setting while avoiding costly legal fees, lost productivity, and a demoralized workforce. Mediation provides a forum with the potential for both resolving the immediate conflict and creating a model for more effectively engaging future conflicts.


Special Education Mediation

Working collaboratively to define “Free and Appropriate Public Education” (FAPE) and to develop Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) can be challenging. Disagreements will occur while negotiating for the educational needs of a student. Mediation offers a context in which parties can identify innovative solutions to these disagreements. During the process, the Mediator will:

  • Ensure that all participants can share their view of the situation,
  • Facilitate a conversation for creating a deeper shared understanding of the core issues contributing to the dispute, and
  • Help participants develop solutions that are best for the children and youth involved.

Washington State

Special Education Mediation

Sound Options Group serves as the Administrative Agent to OSPI and DCYF to provide Special Education Mediation in Washington State.  This resource is a federally mandated service under the IDEA and is available at no cost to families, educators, and service providers.  Participation is voluntary for all parties.  

Mediation can be requested by calling 206-842-2298 or 800-692-2540.  A Case Manager will work with you to clarify the appropriateness of your request for mediation, issues to be negotiated, participants to the process, and a date/time for meeting.  The following link provides a more detailed description of this process.