Building your leadership, conflict engagement and collaboration skills is one of the best methods to help your organization approach conflict effectively.

Training can help you successfully achieve your objectives, be more efficient in your everyday work, and more effective in managing change.

You can choose between existing training courses or work with us to develop a new course that specifically fits your organization’s goals and objectives.

Custom training courses

We will help you develop learning resources matched to your specific needs, if none of our existing courses are appropriate. We’ll build a curriculum that teaches you the skills you need for success.

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Existing training courses in leadership, conflict management and more

We have developed training courses on the issues that we encounter the most in our day-to-day work. Contact us to talk with us about teaching one of these courses for your organization.

Conflict management

  • Approaching Difficult Conversations: This 1-day course will help you understand the dynamics of difficult conversations and how to best work through them.
  • Essential Skills For Effective Collaboration: This 2-part course equips you to collaborate effectively. You’ll also learn how to guide groups through problem solving and negotiations.

Team Building

  • Essentials for Effective Teaming: Learn how to improve a team’s performance and working relationships. This 1-day course can be customized to your specific challenges.


  • Leading Participative Meetings: Spend a day learning how to lead effective meetings. The course focuses on designing meetings that allow everyone to participate and produce results.
  • Essentials of Effective Facilitation: Learn the basics of meeting facilitation. We’ll teach you how to plan and facilitate productive meetings.
  • Moving Upstream: Facilitating in the IEP Life Cycle: This 3-day course prepares you to facilitate the IEP process.


  • Leading Change and Improvement in a Complex World: Develop the essential skills needed by leaders in this 2-day course. We put special emphasis on decision-making and problem solving.


  • Foundations for Effective Bargaining: This 2-day course helps collective bargaining teams improve their negotiation process. You will learn how to master interest-based negotiation.

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