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Balancing Task with Maintenance: Part 2

by August 17, 2012

Sometimes you need to have a conversation about how you are going to do the work before you start doing the work. There a number of conversations that teams should have when entering a collaborative initiative and that should be revisited on a somewhat regular […]

Balancing Task with Maintenance: Part 1

by August 10, 2012

Balancing Task with Maintenance:  Part 1 Sound Options Group, LLC has recently partnered with colleagues at Change Matrix, LLC and the Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development to launch the Collaboration LAB.  This initiative is initially focused on supporting multiple agencies and stakeholders […]

Leadership in Integrity

by August 03, 2012

Leadership in Integrity While participating in a coach certification program a number of years ago I was introduced to the concept of being “in or out of integrity”.  You are said to be “in integrity” when your actions and speaking are in alignment with your […]

Leadership and Intolerance

by July 27, 2012

Leadership and Intolerance  “The culture of every organization is shaped in large part by the behavior leaders are willing to tolerate” The value of, and capacity for tolerance, is often espoused as an essential characteristic of healthy individuals, teams, organizations and communities.  The capacity to […]

Conflict Engagement Top 10: Part 3

by July 20, 2012

Conflict Engagement Top 10:  Part 3 The final four on my top 10 list represent some of my more recent learning.  They are elements of an emerging shift in the way I understand the work of conflict engagement and have expanded the context in which […]

Conflict Engagement Top 10: Part 2

by July 13, 2012

Conflict Engagement Top 10:  Part 2 This exercise in identifying a “top 10 list” for effectively engaging conflict has facilitated some interesting reflection.  On the one hand I do not want to imply that when applied these “10 easy strategies” will eliminate the challenge of […]

Conflict Engagement Top 10: Part 1

by July 11, 2012

Conflict Engagement Top 10:  Part 1 One of my early lessons as a mediator was the value of summary.  While serving many purposes, the value for the mediator is the ability, to stop, take stock, and determine the next move.  It has been almost 24 […]

Leadership, Change and Conflict

by May 01, 2012

Leadership, Change and Conflict A number of years ago I was approached by a client and asked if I do work around Leadership Development.  My response at the time was, “No, I don’t do that, I am a Mediator.”  After a bit of discussion the […]

Conflict and Collaboration

by March 21, 2012

Conflict and Collaboration Peter Senge implies that conflict is potentially something to be sought out and surfaced. In great teams, conflict becomes productive.  The free flow of conflicting ideas is critical for creative thinking, for discovering new solutions no one individual would have come to […]

Improving Student Learning: Collaboration and Mutual Purpose

by March 02, 2012

When defining a concept, the first place you often go is the dictionary.  Collaboration is defined in this context as:  to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor; to cooperate with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately […]