Leadership Academy

Sound Options Group, LLC presents,

Developing the Heart and Mind of a Leader


Become a more courageous, effective leader…

Core Values and Commitments:

  • Effective leadership emerges out of a strong values-base
  • Effective leadership is grounded in a strong sense of purpose
  • Effective leaders know how to build powerful teams through the development of relationships characterized by trust and social capital
  • Effective leaders see conflict as an opportunity for learning and growth
  • Effective leadership is practiced in the context of relationships which are characterized by authenticity, vulnerability, courage and grace.

High quality leadership is essential to any shared endeavor.  The skills and capacities necessary to mobilize individuals to come together to pursue a common good or purpose are needed now, more than ever.  As we collectively engage complex challenges found in the contexts in which we live, work, play and seek to improve our individual and collective experiences, leaders are needed who understand themselves and understand their relationship to those they lead.  The Developing the Heart and Mind of a Leader academy is designed to create a context where individuals and groups can explore the dimensions of leadership.

Academy Agenda

The Developing the Heart and Mind of a Leader academy is offered over an 8-month period to a 20-person cohort in a professionally-facilitated learning community.  The process will include three retreat opportunities and monthly group leadership coaching calls.  The academy is designed for leaders like you who want to lead with courage from a values-based perspective and participate in a supportive community of learners.

Retreat 1:  Focus on Self

Over three days you will explore the personal attributes of effective leaders and the skills for developing courage and authenticity in leadership.  You will begin to define your challenges of practice and develop a related personal action plan.

  • Creating a professional learning community
  • Developing personal commitments
  • Foundations of leadership
  • Personal work and practices

Monthly Group Coaching Calls – Over the 8-month period, you will practice skills related to your personal action plans and collaborate around your learning through group coaching calls.  Your learning group will consist of four leaders who will receive support for peer coaching and facilitated learning.

Retreat 2:  Focus on Others

In this two-day retreat you will explore the team-building process and foundations for leading change.  You will learn discrete skills for building trust and social capital in teams, and have an opportunity deepen your work on personal practices with your learning community.

  • Exploring foundations of leadership as related to team-building for transformation
  • Deepening work on personal practices
  • Building relationships characterized by trust and social capital

Retreat 3:  Skills and Strategies for Engaging Challenges

In this two-day retreat you will learn the foundation skills for engaging challenges and consider your personal challenges of practice as related to your action plan.  This retreat will be followed by two group coaching calls in the spring.

  • Continued relationship building work
  • Reframing of challenges as opportunities for learning and growth
  • Synthesizing learning of year one
  • Planning for on-going work

Upcoming Cohorts:


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