Facilitation with Sound Options Group will equip you to:

  • Run productive meetings.
  • Enhance the productivity of teams
  • Create innovative plans to accomplish your specific goals.
  • Develop practical solutions to specific challenges.

We specialize in IEP Meeting Facilitation and workplace/organizational meeting facilitation. We also facilitate team building, board meetings and other meetings.

IEP Meeting Facilitation

Working to develop specially designed instruction can be challenging.

We provide IEP Meeting Facilitation upon the request of a parents or districts (at no cost). IEP Meeting Facilitation assists teams in the effective development of an Individualized Education Program. The facilitator’s role is:

  • To ensure that during an IEP meeting, the IEP team addresses all matters on the meeting agenda
  • To facilitate the meeting process so that all team members participate and are given an opportunity to provide input
  • To assist the IEP team to reach decisions about a student’s program

Contact Mindy — 800.692.2540 or mindyh(at)somtg.com — to discuss IEP facilitation for you district, school or organization.

Workplace meeting facilitation

Meetings dominate our work lives. The problem is that they often feel unproductive or fail to address the key issues at hand.

That’s why we partner with organizations, companies, and cross-functional teams. When situations arise, we’ll help you structure the conversations necessary to engage the challenge and move forward with mutual purpose.

Even if your team is functioning well, chances are, we’ll be able to help you improve your productivity and efficiency.

Contact us to explore workplace meeting facilitation with Sound Options Group.

Team building, board meetings and other meetings

We can partner with you to develop and facilitate team building events, board meetings and other specialized meetings. Please contact us to find out more.