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Handbook for Effective Collaboration – Creating Shared Expectations – GROUP BEHAVIORAL NORMS

Shared Expectations regarding Group Behavioral Norms. How will we treat each other as a group? How will we safely and effectively engage the diversity of opinion that is bound to show up?  “All too often in families, in organizations, and in communities, when well intentioned […]

Handbook for Effective Collaboration – Creating Shared Expectations – CLARIFICATION OF INTERNAL STRUCTURES

Clarification of Internal Structures How will we organize to get the work done? Communicate? Share information? Set and prioritize agendas? In effective teams participation is high, investment in the outcome is high and information flow is dynamic and appropriate.  In less effective teams participation is […]

Handbook for Effective Collaboration – Creating Shared Expectations – IDENTIFICATION OF EXTERNAL CONNECTIONS

 Identification of External Connections. Does your team invite and adapt to feedback or does it become defensive and rigid.  When we speak of teams with effective External Connections we are looking for:  Appropriate communication and exchange of information between the team and the external system […]

Handbook for Effective Collaboration – Creating Shared Expectation – OPERATIONALIZATION OF CORE VALUES

Operationalization of Core Values We are often drawn to collaborate with individuals and organizations that share our values.  We find ourselves committed to work collaboratively on work that addresses these core values, often around high stakes issues.  How we jointly operationalize these values will influence […]

Handbook for Effective Collaboration – Creating Shared Expectations – IDENTIFYING A COMMON LANGUAGE

Identify a Common Language Organizations will develop language that facilitates their collective engagement of their work.  This language may evolve over time and is often a manifestation of the deeper culture of the organization.  The language used may also be representative of the way in […]

Handbook for Effective Collaboration – Bibliography

Bibliography   Berger, Warren.  A More Beautiful Question:  The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas. New York: Bloomsbury. 2014.   Dukes, Franklin, Marina Piscolish and John Stephens. Reaching for High Ground in Conflict Resolution:  Tools for Powerful Groups and Communities.  San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass.  2000. […]

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Building Individual and Collective Capacity for Engaging Conflict An essential characteristic of effective people in any community or organization is the ability to engage successfully in critical and difficult conversations. Successful teaming requires a diverse group of individuals to engage in challenging conversations around complex […]