Module 6: Solutions for Mutual Purpose – Introduction

The following is the Introduction to Module 6 of “Essential Skills for Engaging Conflict”, a course that Sound Options Group developed in partnership with Oklahoma State University.  These modules are a great resource to lead your team through as you work to improve your conflict engagement skills.

As we come to the sixth and final module it is important to acknowledge that we have been describing what can be a sometimes messy and complex process.  Suffice it to say that it does not always unfold as “six easy steps to collaboration”.  However each of these phases represents a critical component of effective collaboration.

The Interest-Based approach described in the previous module is often referred to as a Mutual-Gains Approach.  It is based on a belief in the potential for people working effectively together toward a common purpose to achieve outcomes that exceed what either party could achieve independently.  Our goal at this point is to:

  • Generate multiple options with the potential for mutual benefit
  • Evaluate the options against our interests and any additional standards that may apply,
  • Choose an option or combination of options that we believe have the greatest potential, and
  • Bring sufficient specificity to our plan so that we can move forward with implementation

In this module you and your team will:

  • Revisit and create a deeper understanding of the process of Brainstorming,
  • Identify a range of strategies for effectively sorting through a range of options,
  • Identify critical questions to ask when bringing specificity to plan, and,
  • Identify proactive “what if” strategies to apply when planning for implementation of a shared plan.


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